IT Systems

Our state of the art ERP called “Distribution Business System (DBS)”, helps us do our business effectively, increases operational efficiency, provides insightful reporting to our principals and enables us to enhance our bottom line. Consisting of ten different modules covering all aspects, this maps our end-to-end business processes, integrates all businesses / functions and provides a centric view for analysis.

The reports available to the clients facilitate them in remaining in touch with the ongoing sales trends by understanding the buying patterns and customer behavior. They can also monitor their products’ inventories and consequently arrange their production schedules and forecasts. Not only they can take operational decisions based on the reports provided, they can also strategically manage their field force based on our extensive reporting capabilities. Having developed it in-house it gives our principals unlimited options for customized reporting and integration with their systems.

In today’s world of supply chain management, availability of data has become critical. We continually strive to provide optimal solutions to our clients so that they can better predict and be responsive to the tough requirements of the market dynamics.

Some prominent features of our system include:

  • Analytical reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Controls e.g. automated product/customer-based discounts etc.
  • Raw Data Reporting in standard formats (.csv, .xml etc) for direct uploads and integration with clients systems